What is “count and value” and how do I configure it?

Count and value associated with an event will drive your Top Purchasers and also to track revenue for Conversion Campaigns.

For example on the purchase event,  count = 'number of items' and value = 'total purchase value'

To configure count and value within your account, contact your Kahuna Account Strategist to set count and value within your Integration Blueprint prior to integration.


For iOS:

Associate a count and value to your Event - Kahuna allows you to specify additional count and value information to an Event you track, the most obvious of which is to track user purchases. For instance, if you wanted to track a user purchase of 2 items for $5.00 total, you would pass 2 for count and 500 for value. :
   [KahunaAnalytics trackEvent:@"purchase" withCount:2 andValue:500];
Setting count and value to an Event is optional, but allows deeper tracking of your user behavior. For example if you wanted to track purchase information and LTV per user.


For Android:

KahunaAnalytics.trackEvent("purchase", 2, 500);
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