Three functions of Kahuna attributes

Kahuna Attributes can be used for three purposes:

  • Filtering Campaigns
  • Personalizing Messages
  • Deep-Linking and Custom Parameterization

Every attribute tracked and stored in Kahuna should meet one of these criteria.  Integrating developers should ensure that values sent via Kahuna API's can be used for one of the aforementioned purposes.  For example, if your codebase stores a "restaurant" object with a four digit id and a readable title, the attribute 'last_restaurant_viewed' calls for the human-readable value of '', while 'last_restaurant_viewed_link' may call for '' .

Swift, successful Kahuna integration stems from a cooperative effort between integrating developers, marketing and business owners, and the Kahuna team.  We look forward to working together to leverage our world class customer engagement engine to delight your users!


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