What columns are supported in historic imports?

Historic imports support column types that match to device-specific info, user credentials, or user attributes in our system.  While the user attributes can map to any of your app's specific tracking, there are some attributes which are populated by default, along with device and user info.

Here is the list of columns supported in Kahuna historic imports:

  • Push Token (iOS or Android)
  • User Credentials (unique username, email, facebook id, twitter id, linked_in)
  • Os Name ("ios", "android", or "website")
  • Os Version (8.1, 5.0...)
  • Device Name (iPhone6, Nexus 5...)
  • Language ("en", "ar"...)
  • Time Zone ("PST", "GMT+04:00"...)
  • Attributes (namespace-specific)
  • Count and Value (mapped to a "purchase" event)
  • External ID*



*For certain imports, an external user or device id may be necessary.  For further details here, please consult your Kahuna Strategist or Solutions Engineer.

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