How does RevIQ work?

RevIQ is Kahuna’s ability to intelligently optimize campaigns across send time, messaging, and conversion time. RevIQ features three types of optimization: Time Optimization, Message Optimization, and SendOptimally.

Time Optimization uses machine learning to discover the ideal time for a conversion push; it optimizes such that 98% of the users who will organically achieve your goal do not receive a message. The remaining users are messaged based on different time intervals depending on if you selected minutes, hours, or days. The intervals with highest conversion rate will receive more messages until a definitive winning time is selected.

Message Optimization uses machine learning to distribute the copy variant that is producing the highest number of engagements. SendOptimally utilizes historical data to message users at the time that they are most likely to engage in the app.

Each type of RevIQ is only available for specific campaign types. See the chart below to learn which types are available for your current campaign.


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