How to schedule a one-time campaign to arrive on time?

When scheduling an ASAP message, keep in mind that before any pushes are sent, the Kahuna campaign engine looks at each eligible user and the campaign filters to determine to which users will receive a push. Since the filtering process does not begin until the time that the campaign is scheduled, notifications may arrive later than desired if the campaign is large.

There are several steps that companies can take to ensure that notifications arrive on time:

  1. Set customer filters-  Filtering using one of the attributes used to index users reduces the amount of time to process a request by splitting a large campaign into multiple smaller campaigns; this allows for faster processing as the campaigns are processed in parallel. Three user subsets are available: user state (newbie, passerby, engaged, dormant), date last seen, and date first seen. Users can also be filtered via Attribute API or by registering certain behaviors as events
  2. Set campaign time earlier than desired- Since campaigns begin to be processed at the scheduled time, large campaigns (i.e. those with audiences of more than 1 million) should be scheduled at least 30 minute before the desired time for them to be received.
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