How to set up in-app messaging campaign?

In-App Messaging Campaigns allow you to send messages to your users as they are browsing through your application. That allows you to interact with your users and affect their choices when they need guidance.

  1. To create an In-App Campaign you will need to access your namespace and choose "Create Campaign" option in Dashboard.

  2. There are two different campaigns you may choose from: "One Time" and "Lifecycle". "Lifecycle Campaign" is different from "One Time Campaign", because it tracks user activity of your choice and responds accordingly. For this example we will be using "Lifecycle Campaign" creator:

  3. Clicking "Select" button will take you to the campaign setup page. First off - select the people you are trying to reach in "Which Segment?" section: 

    Then choose the amount of days user has to be in that segment for before he/she receives your In-App message (only people who have been in segment for exactly x days since the campaign launch will receive your message!):

    You also have the option to choose platforms you are trying to reach (IOS, Android, Web):

    Lastly - choose Attributes and Events user has to have to receive your In-App:

    You may click "Get Estimate" button in the top right to see how many users, based on the information available, you will reach with your campaign:

  4. Clicking "Next" will direct you to the "Create Message" module where you may construct a compelling personalized In-App message:

    Then you may add another message or a "Control Group":


    Lastly you may add deep linking, so that if a user clicks on your message it redirects him/her to a specific page inside your application or on the web:

  5. Clicking "Next" will take you to the "Campaign Setup" page where you will be able to give your campaign a name, schedule it if you want to start sometime later, and set goals for your campaign:

  6. "Next" will take you to the "Double Check" window where you will be able to see all the settings of your campaign. Make sure you verify everything before launching your campaign! Once you are done click "Launch Campaign". 


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