I’m getting an “Oops an error occurred” when attempting to launch my Facebook campaign.

If you see an “Oops an error occurred” error message when trying to launch a new Facebook campaign you may have the wrong accounts connected to Kahuna.

Please try the following two steps to ensure your accounts are setup correctly:

  1. Make sure the user connected to Facebook is the correct user who has authorization to manage the Facebook Ad Account. A good way to verify is to go to Facebook and logout of your account. Then go back to Kahuna Settings and click “Disconnect” under the Connected Apps area for Facebook. Then click “Connect” again under the Connected Apps area for Facebook and you should be redirected to Facebook’s login page. Login with the user who is authorized for the Facebook Ad Account. Once reconnected, try to launch a Facebook Campaign again.

  2. Make sure the Facebook Ad Account ID is correct for the user who connected to Facebook. Currently Kahuna only supports 1 Facebook Ad Account so the Facebook User and the Facebook Ad Account ID need to match. You can find your Facebook Account on the fourth tab of our settings page.


If you are still experiencing issues after trying the following steps, please contact our support team.

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