What is the Kahuna Logs API and how can I use it to track campaigns?

The Kahuna Logs API provides detailed information on how your users are interacting with Kahuna campaigns. Our logs are broken up into 4 categories:

  • push
  • in-app
  • email
  • user merges

Here is an example of the format of push logs:


On a high level, the Kahuna Logs API can show you the following information related to Push:

Category Definition
dev_id Device id assigned to each app install by the Kahuna SDK (Web SDK dev_id is a cookie, not install based)
user_id The user’s user ID in Kahuna
Name of campaign
Timestamp of action (in UTC)
ID of campaign unique to message copy; if a campaign has multiple message copies, there will be multiple campaign IDs associated with them.
push token
Push token of the device being pushed to
List of user credentials associated with the device. These are the credentials explicitly being sent to Kahuna. (i.e. "username:kahuna")
Index of message sent in the campaign. ( 0 = A, 1 = B, unknown = N/A )
Operating system of the device being pushed to (“ios” or “android”)

In addition, the Kahuna Logs API can tell you which actions related to a push have occurred:

Action Description 
push Push sent to user
rate_limited Push not sent due to rate-limiting.(link to rate limiting article)
uninstalled Push was sent but not received because user previously uninstalled the app.
click User clicked on the push.
more engaged User returned to app within 48 hours of receiving push campaign. The user will only be counted as 'more engaged' for the most recent campaign received
goal User completed the goal event within 48 hours of receiving push.


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