How can I integrate Kahuna with my Swift app?

  1. Download & Import Kahuna SDK

    Download Kahuna IOS SDK from the Kahuna Get Started Guide, and then drag Kahuna SDK into your Swift Project.

  2. Create The Bridging Header

    Create an Objective C Bridging Header (File -> New -> File -> IOS Source Header.h file). Add ' #import "Kahuna.h" ' to your header file: 

    Add the Bridging - Header to your Project Settings (Project Settings -> Build Settings -> Swift Compiler -> Objective-C Bridging Header)


  3. Add Objective C Linker

    Add "-ObjC" linker to CLang compiler in XCode (Project Settings -> Build Settings -> Linkers -> Other Linkers) 

    If you don't add this linker, you will get "SIGABRT" crashes!

  4. Add Frameworks

    Adding all necessary frameworks is really important! These frameworks are: CoreBluetooth, CoreLocation, and SystemConfiguration.

  5. Finally - use The Kahuna SDK!

    From here on you'll be all set to use Kahuna SDK! Use all api's and methods included in Kahuna.h as you would any other library, and leverage the Swift mappings from each setup in our IOS guide.

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