How do I switch between SDK and SDK 2.0 getting started guides?

Disclaimer: In order to use SDK 2.0 you need to have it enabled manually or have an account that was created after August 1st 2015!

In order to switch from regular SDK instructions to SDK 2.0 instructions you will need to access your "Getting Started Guide" ( Then, choose one of the options: IOS, Android, or Cordova. There will be a "NOTE" over the menu that will prompt one of the two: 

1) "Go to SDK 2.0.0 instructions"

2) "Go to pre SDK 2.0.0 instructions"

If you would like to use SDK 2.0 and if you see what is illustrated in the first example, you may click on that "NOTE". However, if you see what is illustrated in the second example - there is no action needed because you are already in the SDK 2.0 guide.


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