How to upload a push certificate?

It is important to note that only accounts with Manage Users access will be able to see the field for uploading tickets.

Some important things to keep in mind when uploading a push certificate:

  • Your push certificate must be in .p12 or .PEM format
  • Development certificates go to the sandbox namespace and prod certificates go to the production namespace
  • The push certificate bundle id must match that of the namespace you plan to upload it to 
  • The push certificate should not contain multiple certificates (certificates containing multiple certificates cannot be uploaded)

To upload a push certificate you will need to access your Kahuna account, then access the namespace you want to upload your push certificate for. Once that is done - click on the  (gear) icon in the top right of your dashboard to access Settings

Once there - scroll down until you see "Push Authorization" section:

Just drop / find your push certificate in your filesystem and upload it. If you have a password attached to it you will be asked to enter it.

After you are done you will be able to see the date of expiration of your certificate. Make sure you remember that date and upload a new push certificate two weeks before it expires. 

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