How To Import Data In To Kahuna (Historic Data Import via CSV)

The best practice to import historic data is by sending a CSV file to your Solutions Engineer/ or using Kahuna APIs if your contract allows you to.

Things to remember:

  • Data export is for each app (each app has 2 exports - one for iOS and other for Android)
  • Here are the requirements for each platform:

    Required: token + Apple bundle ID
    Optional: email, attributes (ex: subscription type, dates), events (articles read, # logins)

    Required: token
    Optional: user credential, email, attributes (ex: subscription type, dates), events (articles read, # logins)

  • Best practices:
    1. Data should be formatted for parsing (clean comma separators)
    2. For us to process imports, it will take 2 weeks. Therefore to make sure there's the most seamless migration, we would recommend a gradual migration over a few weeks.


- Make sure your CSV column fields match your attribute and event names in your integration blueprint.

- Only use lower case letters. For example: "Username" should be "username" in CSV.

- Column fields should not contain space instead use underscore "_" . For example: Last Login should be formatted to last_login.

- Date values should be formatted to YYYY-MM-DD like 2016-12-31.

An example of CSV file is shown below: 

 Note: Kahuna does not have a UI for importing data. 

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