How to change a message in the campaign?

Kahuna allows marketers with manager access to change messages of campaigns. Even though it is a very useful feature there are consequences to changing messages and it should be taken very seriously! Changing a message in a campaign will cause current message counts to be archived. The experiment results will be invalid e.g. A/B test will need to collect more information before the results are meaningful. RevIQ optimization will revert to more exploration and may take additional time to converge. The UI will provide totals for the entire campaign (including the archived message counters).

1. From the left navigation panel on the Kahuna dashboard, click All Campaigns:




2. On the All Campaigns page, click the campaign that contains the message you want to change:


3. In the Overview tab on the Campaign page, click Edit Messages:

The editor window will open so that you can edit and add new messages:


4. Change the campaign message, then click the Continue button that will appear, once you make any changes, on the bottom of the editor window:

5. Click the Save Changes button that will appear on the bottom of the page:

Your users will now receive the updated message.


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