What user permission levels does Kahuna provide for namespace access?

Kahuna uses three user permission levels that control the security and confidentiality of users and data stored in namespaces:

  1. Read only
  2. Run Campaigns
  3. Manage Users

Read only allows you to view all the information in the namespace including Getting Started guides, campaign results, app users’ information. This security level also allows users to create campaigns and contact Kahuna Support through that namespace.

Run Campaigns allows you to have the same access as a user with Read only access, and also allows you to create, enable, and disable campaigns.

Manage Users allows you to have the same access as Read only, and also allows you to manage other users in your organization. Users with Manage Users access can add, delete or upgrade the provisioning of other users in their namespace.

IMPORTANT: Having Manage Users access does NOT automatically grant Run Campaigns access!

To request access to a namespace for yourself or another user from your organization, contact a user in your organization that has Manage Users access.

Here is a summary of the access levels for Kahuna namespaces.



Read only

Run Campaigns

Manage Users

Review campaigns and campaign results

View user profiles

View namespace settings

Create campaigns

Enable/disable campaigns



Download end user data stored in CSV



Add/delete users of the namespace or upgrade current users


Upload push certificates



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