How to add a background image for your push notifications?

Android devices with OS version 5.0+ allow marketers to add background images to their push notifications. These are the images that will appear with the messages in the notifications panel. Kahuna SDK 2.2.1 or higher is required to perform this action.

The exact display depends on the software and hardware profile of the recipient.

To add a notification image:

  1. Click the Add a notification image icon in the Push section of campaign creator.
  2. Click the Upload image button. The Android Notification Image dialog will open.
  3. Click browse... and navigate to the .jpg or .png file you want to use, then double click the file. The file is uploaded. 
  4. To replace your chosen image, click the Replace image button.
  5. To exit, click the selected Add a notification image icon.

The image will be saved on Kahuna servers for as long as campaign is running!


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