The Audience menu gives you access to Kahuna visualizations that provide useful insights about the users you want to reach.

From this menu, you can analyze the following:

As a marketer, you want to know where the users of your Kahuna-integrated product are in their customer journeys. You want to understand what conversion is for your business and whether your marketing decisions are moving users toward that conversion.

Kahuna analytics dashboards can provide meaningful insights about what the members of your total audience are doing and how your marketing decisions affect their behavior. As you better understand audience behavior, you better define actions and time periods that move users toward conversion.

Active users are currently interacting with your Kahuna-integrated product. Users become inactive when they have not returned for a predefined number of days.

As you analyze the visualizations and data in Kahuna analytics dashboards, audience behavior makes it clear which cross-channel approaches are the most successful.

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