Kahuna is always working to simplify the integration of the Kahuna SDK with your app, and make the integration as fast as possible. You can focus on app development while Kahuna takes care of low-level operations. In addition, the Kahuna SDK has specific features that implement fast and efficient data transfer. These features ensure that user data limits and device battery life are minimally affected.


The Kahuna SDK provides intelligent batching, which transmits event and attribute data to Kahuna servers while conserving your end user's data usage and battery life. Additionally, the SDK and Kahuna servers work together to dynamically configure batch transmission, providing the most powerful and cost-effective approach to gathering data for your campaigns.

To aid in testing, Kahuna servers dynamically configure SDK parameters for apps built in the sandbox environment, so that the SDKs flush batches of data more frequently. This allows you to quickly verify your integration. The parameters for production builds have a slightly longer delay, but by default they try to flush batches of data when your app goes into the background.

Background Usage

Typically, mobile users don't like apps that use data invisibly or do work in the background. Therefore, when your app goes from the foreground to the background, the SDK attempts to send batched data to the Kahuna servers. Otherwise, the SDK archives currently queued data and sends it when the user brings your app to the foreground.

Batching only occurs when your app is in the foreground; avoid tracking events while your app is in the background. If you do track events in the background, the SDK archives the data until the user brings your app back to the foreground.

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