Manage Email Templates

Manage Email Templates

The Manage Email Templates page shows a list of all email templates created in the Kahuna Email Template Editor and all HTML email templates uploaded to Kahuna from a third-party application, such as MailChimp.

For each email template in the list, you see the template thumbnail image, the template name, and the date the template was either edited or uploaded. Each template you can edit has the word Editable next to the date. You can only edit a template if you created it using the Kahuna email template editor.

Note: If your email template contains merge tags in a URL, the template thumbnail might not display correctly.

The list of templates is sorted by the most recently uploaded or created.

Note: If you have a long list of email templates, you can use the browser Find command to search for a specific template. Enter Command f (Mac) or Control f (Windows), then type the name of the template you want to find or enter a date. Your search element appears as highlighted text on the page.

If no templates have been uploaded or created, the list is empty and you see the following message:

Click a template to display it in the preview pane on the right. If the template was created using the email template editor, you can click the Edit button to make changes. If the template was created using a third-party tool, such as MailChimp, the Edit button does not display.

If there is a problem with the template preview, you see the message The template failed to load in the preview pane.

The Manage Email Templates page also provides two buttons in the upper left:

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