Manage Segments

Manage Segments

The Manage Segments page shows a list of all segments created in the Kahuna Segment Editor.

For each segment in the list, you see the name of the segment, the number of experiences and campaigns that are using the segment, and the date created. Each segment also has an action menu which allows you to edit, delete, or clone it. Segments that are in use cannot be deleted or edited.

Note: If you have a long list of segments, you can use the browser Find command to search for a specific template. Enter Command f (Mac) or Control f (Windows), then type the name of the template you want to find or enter a date. Your search element appears as highlighted text on the page.

Creating Segments

To Create a new segment, click the Create Segment button.


  1. Select an attribute or event. The Operator pick list appears.
  2. In the Operator pick list, select an operator. The Value entry box appears.
  3. Enter an operator value, then click Save.
  4. To add another filter, select another attribute or event and provide properties, functions, operators, and values as needed.
  5. You can combine filters or groups of filters using AND or OR operators.
  6. As you update your segment, the Reach Estimator will update describing the number of users this segment targets.
  7. When your filter set is complete, click Save.


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