Upload Email Templates

Upload Email Templates

You can upload HTML email templates created in another application, such as MailChimp, so that they are always available in Kahuna for email campaigns and Experiences. During the upload, Kahuna checks the template for unsupported image formats, incorrect or unsupported merge tags, and missing unsubscribe links. If there is an error during the upload, Kahuna provides a message explaining the problem.

Note: Make sure that the templates you are uploading use valid HTML.

To upload an email template

    1. From the left navigation panel, select Manage > Email Templates.

    2. On the Manage Email Templates page, click the Upload button.

      The Upload email templates page opens.

  1. In the Enter template name field, enter a descriptive name for this template.
  2. In the Drag and drop an HTML file or browse box, either drag the template you want to upload from your desktop and drop it into the box or click browse to browse your files and select the template you want to upload.
  3. The template appears in the preview area. Verify that this is the template you want to upload, then click Upload. If this is not the correct template, click at the top left of the page.
  4. Kahuna starts the upload process and checks the template for errors.

    If the upload is successful, Kahuna saves the template and makes it available in the Select a template area of the Email panel in the Campaign Creator and Experiences.

    If the upload process uncovers an error, it fails and you see a message with a brief description of the error. In the application where you created the email template, resolve the error, then try to upload the template again to Kahuna.

    Note: From the All Campaigns page, you can continue to edit and clone launched email campaigns that use hosted MailChimp email templates by selecting an uploaded template. However, if you have not uploaded any templates, no templates will be available for selection.

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