Events and Attributes

Events and Attributes

Use the Events and Attributes subtab in Settings to view the custom events and attributes you have integrated with Kahuna that are critical to your business. These events and attributes are available in the Campaign Creator and in Experiences.

Note: The events and attributes are viewable only; you cannot edit them.

Events Table

The Events table lists each event and each event with properties.

  • Events are user actions, such as made a purchase, shared an item, marked an item as a favorite. These simple events have no additional information.
  • Events with properties are events that have additional information that help to further define the event, such as made a purchase of a DVD called Avengers. Events with properties are used to help show historical usage of a user. Properties are attached directly to their events.

The Attribution column in the table shows the default attribution window in hours for an event. An attribution window is a time period during which a user might achieve a goal for an event.

The property for an event also includes its data type, such as string, number, or date.

Attributes Table

The Attributes table lists each attribute you have integrated with Kahuna and its data type, such as string, number, or date.

Attributes identify users and personalize content. For example, first name, gender, last login date, or last purchase.

Use the Search box at the top of the table to find a specific event or attribute.

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