Kahuna offers several APIs that provide direct access from your environment to Kahuna servers.

  • The Kahuna APIs use HTTP verbs and a RESTful endpoint structure. The base URL for all the APIs is
  • All Kahuna REST APIs, except for the Job Status API, use the HTTP POST verb.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the Kahuna REST APIs use Basic Authentication (BasicAuth), which require credentials in the form of a username (Secret Key) and password (API Key).

These Data-sending APIs either add or update information in Kahuna databases:

  • Server API sends events, user attributes, and Intelligent Events to Kahuna. This API provides the same general functionality as the Kahuna SDK.
  • User Attribute API sends user attributes for existing users.
  • Adaptive Campaign API adds users to an adaptive campaign.
  • Job Status API tracks the progress of adding users to an adaptive campaign.
  • Push API uploads push notifications. The servers send these notifications as if they had originated from a campaign.
  • Email Sync API updates Kahuna's email information from email problem information you receive.
  • SMS Sync API updates Kahuna's SMS  do not call and opt-in information you receive.
  • User Delete API enables you to delete user profiles from Kahuna.
  • Flex API enables you to trigger a campaign when an external event occurs.


These Data-retrieval APIs download information from Kahuna:

  • User/Campaign API retrieves all user credentials about users messaged in a given campaign.
  • User Info API enables you to retrieve full user profiles and event information from Kahuna.
  • User Merge Logs API retrieves a list of users for whom you have limited credentials.
  • Push Logs API retrieves information about pushes done during a campaign.
  • In App Logs API retrieves information about in-app notifications done during a campaign.
  • Email Logs API retrieves information about emails sent by Kahuna during a campaign.
  • Email Sync Webhook API allows Kahuna to send unsubscribe, bounce, and spam information it receives as it runs your campaigns.
  • SMS Sync Webhook API retrieves SMS do not call or opt-in information it runs your campaigns.
  • Campaign Statistics API retrieves metrics for your campaigns.


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