This dashboard shows how many people are reachable through marketing campaigns and Experiences for each of your channels. The charts also provide device-related metrics, such as the number of opt-outs, unsubscribes, opt-ins, installs, and uninstalls; these metrics can affect how many people are reachable.

You can control the time period you want to view in the dashboard with the active date range control. As you select different date ranges, the entire dashboard is updated (both the KPI tiles and the charts).

Active Date Range

Either click the date range you want to see or specify a custom date range for any date.

For the date range you select, you can view daily, weekly, or monthly metrics. Click the Daily, Weekly or Monthly buttons.

Note: You can see daily metrics for a period of 90 days or fewer, weekly metrics for a period of between 7 and 365 days, and monthly metrics for a period of 30 days or more.

KPI Tiles

KPI tiles show the following information.

Total Audience

The number of tracked users of your Kahuna-integrated product during the selected time period.

Reachable Users

The number of tracked users of your Kahuna-integrated product that are reachable during the selected time period.


The number of push-enabled users of your Kahuna-integrated product during the selected time period. A user must have at least one push-enabled device to qualify as reachable.


The number of people reachable by email during the selected time period. Email recipients become ineligible if they meet any of the following criteria.

  • They have unsubscribed.
  • They have previously created a spam report.
  • Their email service provider has blocked incoming email.

The number of people reachable by in-app message during the selected time period. Users who have uninstalled your Kahuna-integrated product are not eligible to receive Kahuna-distributed in-app messages.

Note: Because Kahuna determines uninstalls by sending a ghost push, detecting app uninstalls can only be verified for users who have enabled push notifications. Kahuna cannot discover the install state on devices of those who opted out of or never enabled push notifications.


Use the charts provided to compare the number of reachable users over time and determine positive or negative trends.

Kahuna provides a chart for each communication channel.

  • The columns on each chart show the number of people you can reach during the specified time period.
  • The lines on each chart show device-related metrics for the time period specified. Each channel provides different metrics.

    • The Push chart shows the number of opt-in, opt-out, app installs, and app uninstalls.
    • The Email chart shows the number of hard bounces, spam reports, and unsubscribes.
    • The In-App chart shows the number of installs and uninstalls.

    The numbers on the right Y-axis of the chart represent these device-related metrics.

    Tip: By default, all the channel-specific metrics are all shown in the chart. Use the toggles at the top right of the chart to hide or show specific metrics; for example, to show only install, uninstall, and opt-out counts in the Push chart, click to hide the Push Opt-in line.

Note: Reach metrics are snapshots of the total number at the end of the selected time period displayed on the chart. Device-related metrics are totals collected during the selected time period. When you select a different time period, device-related metrics might change notably, whereas reach metrics stay relatively the same.

Note: You might see a large number of uninstalls on May 5, 2017. On this date, Kahuna sent a ghost push to all devices to discover previously undetected uninstalls and started sending a ghost push to all devices on a daily basis from that day forward.

Note: To determine app uninstalls, Kahuna sends all your users a ghost push on a daily basis. However, your Android push receiver also receives these ghost pushes (empty messages). If your developer has set up the push receiver to log the receipt of any message (regular or ghost), your server might see large daily spikes of activity. Kahuna recommends your developer filter out ghost push messages and not log them to your server.

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