Better Segment Creation

Better Segment Creation

Suppose you want to target long-term automated messaging at new users of your Kahuna-integrated product. If you choose the predefined segment Newbie, you are limited to 14 days of automated messaging before these users become either Engaged or Dormant. If you define a segment of users whose first visit was at most five days ago (first_visit_date <= 5 days ago), some members who qualified for the segment at launch stop qualifying for the segment only one day after launch. However, if you define a segment of users whose first visit was between your launch date and some number of days ago (first_visit_date >= 2/14/2017 AND first_visit_date less than 7 days ago), you ensure that no new users fail to receive your automated messaging over time.


By definition, a Newbie is someone who has used your Kahuna-integrated product once within the last 14 days. If a user becomes engaged at any given touchpoint throughout the experience, the user no longer meets the segment definition of Newbie and therefore, no longer qualifies for the experience. Throughout the experience, from the touchpoint level to the path step level, Kahuna determines whether users continue to qualify for the segment before selecting them for messaging.

first_visit_date <= 5 days ago

Some users that qualify for this segment are likely to become ineligible shortly after launch.

For example, if an experience is launched on 2/14/17, all users whose first visit was on or after 2/9/17 are part of the segment and therefore, they enter the experience on 2/14/17. A touchpoint message is sent to all these users.

A second touchpoint message is scheduled to go out two days later, on 2/16/17. The segment filter first_visit_date <= 5 days ago is applied again. Users who qualified for the experience between 2/9/17 and 2/10/17 no longer qualify; they are no longer within the 5-day range of 2/16/17. Because your segment filter criterion only considers those who qualify for the segment within the last five days, all first-time users from more than five days prior to messaging no longer qualify for the segment.

first_visit_date >= 2/14/2017

You want to target new people, yet you cannot choose Newbies, and time-based filter criteria end up disqualifying users as your experience progresses. Instead, you can create a filter such as first_visit_date >= 2/14/2017 and launch the experience on 2/14/17. This targets all people who first visited on or after 2/14/17.

If you want to target new people, but only those whose first visit was within the last seven days, you can combine filters:

first_visit_date >= 2/14/2017
first_visit_date <= 7 days ago

This ensures your segment is only focused on those who have visited within the last seven days, and since you launched on the date you specified for the first visit, you will have captured all new users from the launch date.

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