Optimize for Success with Email

Optimize for Success with Email

Email is an established and expected form of communication, but it is important that you do it right. Below are some key pointers on how to set yourself up for success with email.

Keep it relevant. Don’t just send email for the sake of sending something; email recipients don’t need or want an overload of information (this leads to unsubscribing or, worse, marking the email as SPAM), and they want the information they receive to be relevant, timely, and helpful. Things to keep in mind as you create your email strategy:

  • Why did people subscribe? Be mindful of the person’s preferences and honor them.

  • How are they interacting? When and how often do they open and click?

  • What would you like them to know? How are they to benefit from this information?

  • Map out strategy for types of messages you will send. Ensure that you have clear CTA(s) for each email. Determine the frequency of sending. Identify specific categories of recipients.

Consider whether the email is commercial, marketing or transactional. The CAN-SPAM Act dictates required elements for commercial versus transactional emails:

  • Commercial messages (which are marketing and promotional in nature) must include the sender’s physical or mailing address, an unsubscribe link, and a clearly-identified from name/address.

  • Transactional messages (those completing a transaction into which the subscriber has already entered with the sender) do not need an unsubscribe link; they should also be more real time (for example, receipt for purchase or shipping information).

Keep it timely and helpful.

  • Utilize Kahuna’s RevIQ Send Time Optimization to capitalize on the behavior of each of your users and send the email to your users at the best time for them, individually.

  • Timely, relevant content will help to ensure the email is enhancing your user’s experience with your brand and is of value to them.

Email Subject Lines

Keep it direct and concise:

  • Every character counts: people see the first ~50 characters of a subject line, so it is important to capture your recipients’ attention with as few words as possible.

  • Pique their interest: give the recipient a clear reason to open the email.

Brand alignment—What is your brand voice? Make sure your voice is present in the subject line.

Use personalization to entice the user—Have your email stand out in the fray. Make the email appear to be crafted especially for the individual recipient by using attributes to personalize the subject line.

Use Kahuna Subject Line—Use the Kahuna Subject Line tool to predict whether your email will entice users to open the message.



Think above the fold—The information above the fold is what will pique the user’s interest initially. Therefore, keep what’s most important or the primary CTA near the top.

Think below the fold—Below the fold is where you can include more detailed information.

Layout—Identify the highest-value real estate spots and place your most important information here. When developing a header, ensure that you have clear brand recognition, so your brand is top of mind and easy to spot and the ability to link it back to your website, so your users can have easy access to complete your CTA.


The death knell for any email is getting marked as SPAM, either by the mail client or by the recipient.

  • Make sure certain recipients have a clear, easy way to opt out.
  • Use clearly-identifiable from names and email addresses
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