Reengage Your Users

Reengage Your Users

Just because a user downloads your application does not mean they will use it forever. It is important to understand your users and their application habits to be able to create targeted marketing campaigns that keep users coming back. In-app messages and push messages are powerful tools that help you engage users more effectively.

In-App Messaging

Users receive in-app messages when they are using your application, which is when they are actively engaging with your application and your brand is top-of-mind. This is the perfect time to interact with your users and capture their attention.

  • Motivate users to rate your application. App store ranking is very important - a higher ranking gives your application more exposure, bringing more traffic and downloads.
  • Notify users of updates or new content.
  • Offer rewards and promotions.

Push Messaging

A push message is an alert or banner that is sent to users outside of your application. The message appears on the home screen or the lock screen. Push messaging works best to reach users that have not used your application recently and to reengage users that have not used your application for weeks or months.

  • Personalize push messages to capture a user's attention.

    Highly-personalized push messages are considered valuable to users. For example, transactional push messages alert your individual users when something specific to them has happened - such as a change in food order delivery time or the name of their Uber driver.

  • Use RevIQ to optimize campaigns intelligently across send time, messaging, and conversion time. For more details, see RevIQ.


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