Use the information in this section as a guide to using the Kahuna marketing platform. These topics help you understand user engagement habits and purchase metrics, and to engage your users with communication campaigns.

When you open the Kahuna application, you see the dashboard. The left side of the page includes the left navigation pane and the top of the page includes a bar.

Left Navigation Pane

Use the left navigation pane to access all the Kahuna features. When you rest your mouse pointer in the left navigation pane, it opens and displays the menu items. You can also use the left navigation pane to access this documentation, the Integration tools, and Technical Support.

Top Bar

The top bar in the application includes options to change your namespace, search for users, update settings, and log out.

To find information about a user of your application, click then type a user credential, such as email, username, or a device ID.

To see the current user of the Kahuna application, manage users, view and change configuration settings, or log out of Kahuna, click .

To select a different namespace, click next to the namespace.

Email Warmup

If you have created an email warmup plan with Kahuna, the top bar of the Kahuna application includes an email icon.

Click the email icon to see the following information for your domain for each day of the warmup period.


The number of emails that were scheduled to be sent.


The number of emails that have been sent. This number includes delivered, blocked, bounced, and invalid emails.

Warmup Limit

The maximum number of emails you can send.

Not Sent

The number of emails that have not been sent because the limit has been reached.

Hover over a date in the graph to see information for a specific day of the warmup period. The graph shows the number of emails sent compared to the maximum number of emails allowed according to the warmup plan.

If you hover over a date in the future, Selected, Sent, and Not Sent show a dash (-).

Note: If you need to exceed the daily email limits for any reason, contact Customer Success.

Note: Test emails you send when creating a campaign are not included in the email counts.

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