Amplitude Integration Guidelines

Amplitude Integration Guidelines

Kahuna and Amplitude integration enables you to create behavioral cohorts in Amplitude and export them to Kahuna. Follow the guidelines below to configure the Kahuna API keys, synchronize user credentials, and export Amplitude cohorts into Kahuna.

Before You Start

The following is required for Kahuna and Amplitude integration:

  • A Kahuna account and namespace
  • An Amplitude Enterprise-level account

Configure API Keys

Provide the Kahuna Secret Key and API Key in Amplitude.

  1. On the top bar of the Kahuna application, click icon_settingsLogout_25x20.png, then click Settings to open the Configuration tab on the Settings page.
  2. In the App Settings section, copy your Secret Key and API key.
  3. Go to your Amplitude dashboard and navigate to the Manage App section within your application.


  4. In the Kahuna API Keys field under the PUSH NOTIFICATION INTEGRATIONS section, enter your Kahuna Secret Key and API Key.


Synchronize User Credentials

Follow these guidelines in your Amplitude and Kahuna SDKs to synchronize users across the two platforms.

  • For all users (both logged in and logged out), set the install_token user credential in Kahuna to match the device_id in Amplitude.
  • For anonymous users:

    - In Kahuna, do not set any user credentials (such as, username, email, Facebook ID, and so on).

    - In Amplitude, leave user_id blank.

    - In Kahuna, set the install_token user credential to match the device_id in Amplitude.

    - Enable notifications for anonymous users.

  • For logged in (registered) users, the Amplitude user_id must match the Kahuna user credential (such as, username, email, Facebook ID). If you want to include email as an additional messaging channel to reach users, Kahuna recommends using the email user credential to allow email campaigns in addition to push campaigns.

More about Synchronizing User Credentials

When events arrive from a new device without any user-identifying credentials, such as username or email, Kahuna creates a new anonymous user with the install_token value specified. After the anonymous user registers and a valid user credential is supplied, Kahuna updates that existing anonymous user with the new credential. If any of the supplied credentials already belong to a known user in the system, Kahuna merges all the information about the anonymous user into the known user, updates counts to reflect that there is only one user, and removes the anonymous user object.

See also Merged Users - The Problem and Our Solution.

Note: If you have been running Amplitude for a while before integrating Kahuna, users in Amplitude are not available in Kahuna until they open your app and the SDK code runs to register users. If necessary, you can perform a historical import to list Amplitude users in Kahuna. Contact your KahunaCustomer Success Manager for more information.

Export Amplitude Cohorts to Kahuna

After you configure API keys and synchronize users, follow these steps to export Amplitude cohorts to Kahuna.

  1. Create an Adaptive campaign in Kahuna and make sure it is enabled.

  2. From the Behaviors tab in your Amplitude dashboard, select a cohort from the Manage Cohorts list. The Cohort Details tab opens.

  3. In the right panel, click Export to Kahuna. The Export to Kahuna dialog opens.


  4. From the Environment dropdown, select Production or Staging (Sandbox).

  5. From the Campaign dropdown, select the Adaptive Campaign you want to run for this cohort. The Campaign dropdown lists all enabled Adaptive campaigns in your Kahuna namespace.
  6. Click Export. The cohort details are sent to Kahuna, where the Adaptive campaign begins running based on the criteria you defined in Kahuna.

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