What's Kahuna?

What's Kahuna?

Kahuna is a marketing automation platform that enables both cross-channel marketing and artificial intelligence-driven extreme personalization, mastering an effective one-on-one conversation with every consumer. This will give you the highest chance of engagement and conversion, and is a sure way to move past the competition and maximize your bottom line results. When marketing automation is done right, you will see vastly increased revenue, engagement, and customer delight.

We can help you meet concrete business goals through intelligent messaging, enabling you to reach consumers across all platforms, channels, and levels of engagement. Our technology is characterized by an intuitive understanding of each individual user and the ability to engage in an automated, personalized, and optimized way.

Use Kahuna to:

  • Craft a cohesive, personalized, cross-channel experience that drives results and embraces your brand experience. You can combine push notifications, in-app messaging, SMS messaging, social media, and email.
  • Create and send behavior-based campaigns that are personalized automatically and delivered at the ideal time for each customer.
  • Create real-time, dynamic segments of customers as you go with no spreadsheets, data analysis, or engineering work required.
  • Track every customer and unify their behavior across mobile, web, and multiple devices.

Top Ten Reasons to Use Kahuna

  1. Send every customer a personalized message

    Kahuna fully automates message personalization. Using the Campaign or Experience Creator, you can send dynamic, personalized messages based on user behavior, demographic information, app engagement history, and more.

    Example - Send personalized messages based on last item or last brand viewed:

    “Hi [First Name]. New arrivals from [last designer viewed] and more of your favorites!”

  2. Deliver messages at the perfect time

    By understanding user behavior and preferences, Kahuna can automatically deliver messages at the time when each user is most likely to engage with your application, and to the device each user prefers to use at that time of day.

    Example - If a particular user typically uses your application on their tablet around 8:00 p.m. on Tuesdays, they will receive a message at this time to reengage them and encourage another purchase.

  3. Use intelligent message automation

    Kahuna enables you to respond to user behavior in real time with automated and recurring campaigns, based on highly targeted rules for engagement. These recurring campaigns activate new users instantaneously and keep existing users engaged, encouraging customers to come back to your application at critical moments.

    Example - Every time a user adds an item to their cart but does not check out, Kahuna can deliver a personalized message with an incentive to complete their purchase:

    “Hey [First name], still interested in [last item added to cart]?”

  4. Understand customer behavior across all channels

    Kahuna tracks user behavior across web, mobile web, and native applications because customers interact with your brand in many different ways. Use these insights to send the most contextually-relevant messages.

    Example - For a user that is new to the mobile application but who has purchased on the web before:

    “So glad to have you on mobile, [First Name]. Still looking for [last web purchase category]?”

  5. Track people, not devices

    Most users have more than one mobile device, and might interact with your application on both their smartphone and their tablet. Kahuna knows which devices belong to which users, so you can send messages based on their behavior across devices.

    Example - Kahuna never sends users a welcome message when they lose their phone and get a new one or when they add you to tablet, if they have been using your application on their smartphone.

  6. Target specific user segments

    Kahuna gives you maximum flexibility when segmenting and targeting your audience. Identify specific user groups in real time, and find and target your high-value customers with a single click.

    Example - Find all users who 1) have browsed a sale on web, 2) have not purchased on mobile, 3) have spent more than $100 on your website, 4) who live in California, 5) who are between 18-24, and 6) are female. Send them a customized message.

  7. Optimize messaging with A to E testing

    Use Kahuna to test up to five highly-personalized messages at the same time and validate every assumption you make. Perfect your incentive messages and learn exactly what wording drives conversions.

    Example - Use Kahuna’s A to E testing to identify which messages best activate new users, win back lost customers, and up sell top users. In addition, A to E testing allows you to easily adjust shopper incentives and promotion codes, identifying the messages that maximize overall revenue.

  8. Translate every message into real revenue and ROI

    Measure the results of each campaign you send. Track and view purchases, social shares, registration, cart additions, and more with a single click.

    Example - Kahuna shows you the specific number of purchases resulting from every campaign you send. This helps you understand how to best segment, target, and communicate with your mobile and desktop users.

  9. Protect user privacy

    Because Kahuna understands which devices belong to which users, you won’t run the risk of delivering a message intended for one user to the wrong person instead.

    Example - Because other platforms message devices instead of users, someone might log out of an app and still receive push notifications. Kahuna’s robust security features ensure messages are only delivered to the users they are intended to reach.

  10. Easy integration

    After Kahuna’s lightweight integration is complete, there is no engineering time required. Our Customer Success team is there to help you through the entire process, from integration to crafting the most effective campaigns and Experiences.

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