Marketplace Health Dashboard

Kahuna developed the marketplace health dashboard to help our marketplace partners understand how well their marketplace is performing against their daily goals at a glance. The dashboard presents a pair of important charts measuring user and transaction growth, daily key KPI metrics and your Marketplace Health Score.


By default Kahuna will always choose to display “Last 30 days” when loading this page. This period selection can be found in the top right corner of the page.


* If your marketplace integration with Kahuna is shorter than the default period of time, then Kahuna will default to show “All-Time” and only include the period of time that it has information for.

Displayed Data

All information found on the Marketplace Health Dashboard is updated every evening. Below the date selection box, you’ll find a display showing when the information on your dashboard was last updated.

Dashboard Date Selection

If you’d like to change the period being displayed for your Marketplace Health hover over the displayed period and click to open the selection panel

Once the panel is opened you can select from one of the predefined periods or select a custom date range of your choice.

* Kahuna can only display data for the dates that marketplace data is available. If you do not have marketplace information for a specific period of time those pre-defined periods will be disabled and/or will show as blank in the charts.

Data by Day Charts

The Data by Day charts found at the top of your Marketplace Health dashboard serve two purposes. They display data by day for key metrics based on the date selection you’ve chosen and they act as navigation to display specific daily data for the key KPIs found below.

The Buyer/Seller Growth chart displays how many new users per day have been flagged as either a “Buyer” or a “Seller”.

This table does NOT show total counts for your Buyers and Sellers 


Metrics Required : buyer_flag, seller_flag or purchase_listing

The Gross Sales vs. Transactions chart displays how many transactions you had on a particular day and what the total Gross Sales of those transactions was

Metrics Required : Transactions, Price

Navigating your charts

While viewing the Data by Day Charts if you hover over the charts you’ll be shown the data for the day that you are hovering over, this information is also reflected in the KPI tiles found below the charts.




Freeze Dashboard Metrics

As you scroll across your data by day charts all of the information on your health dashboard will continue to adjust to your selected date. If you’d like to freeze the data to a specific day so that it does not change, hover to the day you would like to review and click at the chart. This will freeze all KPI tiles but will allow you to continue to move around on the charts.

To “unfreeze” the selection click anywhere on one of the data by day charts or refresh your page.

Marketplace Health Score


My marketplace has achieved 89% of it’s goal for the selected day

The Marketplace Health Score is a weighted score measuring how well your marketplace is performing towards industry set benchmarks on an individual day. By default Kahuna will determine the benchmarks to measure your marketplace against.

Metric Day Selection

To show your Health Score for a particular day, scroll to that day on your data by day charts above. You will see which date is currently represented in the title bar above your score. For longer review, you can freeze the date to prevent the score from changing accidentally.


Viewing data for October 2nd, 2018


Score Coloring

As you see your score changing, you may notice that the circle around your score also changes. The colors/color ratio on your score are visual representations of how well you are performing to your score.

Understanding your score : To understand what is currently affecting your score you can select the information icon displayed next to your score.


For my goal achieved of 78%, these are the key KPIs that are being used to measure my marketplace

Change your Marketplace Score benchmarks

By default Kahuna will determine the benchmarks to measure your marketplace against but you are able to adjust what those benchmarks are to make sure that the score displayed matches against your exact business model.

To adjust your marketplace score benchmarks, you will need to access Dashboard Settings. After accessing the settings page you’ll find a section labeled Customize Metric Names & Health Score where you can adjust your Marketplace Health Score benchmarks.

Key KPI Metrics

kpi_tiles_all.pngThe KPI metrics found on the Kahuna Marketplace Health dashboard are specific to a marketplace business and are designed to give you a high level idea for how well your marketplace is performing in key areas of business importance.

The KPI tile itself has several key parts

1. Metric Title
2. The percent change over 1 week prior
3. The value of this metric 1 week prior
4. The value for this metric

The KPI tiles are grouped into similar categories and will always represent the same day as each other, connected to the date you select from your data by day charts.

Accessing KPI details

Each KPI metric has its own data by day information. To access this information simply click on the KPI tile you wish to view in more detail and you will be taken to the KPI details page.

To adjust the visibility and positions of your KPI tiles, you will need to access Dashboard Settings. After accessing the settings page you’ll find a section labeled Customize Metric Names & Health Score where you can adjust which groupings of KPIs are shown first, and which individual KPI tiles are shown/hidden.

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