Key Metric Insights

The Kahuna Marketplace Health dashboard is a daily snapshot of your business performance with easy visibility into all your important KPIs. The KPI details pages are designed to give you better insight into the daily performance of any given metric.

KPI Details Page

Date Selection

If you’d like to change to period being displayed for your Marketplace Health hover over the displayed period and click to open the selection panel

Once the panel is opened you can select from one of the predefined periods or select a custom date range of your choice.

* Kahuna can only display data for the dates that marketplace data is available. If you do not have marketplace information for a specific period of time those pre-defined periods will be disabled and/or will show as blank in the charts.

Changing Metrics

There are two ways to navigate to a different metric from your KPI details page.

When viewing any KPI details page, you will find a navigation bar below the name of the current KPI. You can either select from one of the quick links to frequent KPIs or select the drop-down on the far right to choose from all available metrics.


Comparing Two Metrics

Metric Day Selection

To show your Health Score for a particular day, scroll to that day on your data by day charts above. You will see which date is currently represented in the title bar above your score. For longer review, you can freeze the date to prevent the score from changing accidentally.

Viewing data for October 2nd, 2018


Freeze Details Metrics

As you scroll across your data by day chart the listed KPIs found below the chart will continue to adjust to your selected date. If you’d like to freeze the data to a specific day so that it does not change, hover to the day you would like to review and click at the chart. This will freeze all KPI tiles but will allow you to continue to move around on the charts.

To "unfreeze" the selection click anywhere on one of the data by day charts or refresh your page.

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